Diana & Stephanie, based in la

Carolina & Alex is made up of Diana and Stephanie. They've been besties since the age of 13 and have been obsessed with documenting what they do through words, photos and (bad) videos ever since they got a hold of Diana's dads point and shoot. Since then they've developed different passions and interests which they've  combined in order to create this platform where they continue to document the variety of projects they do together. Gradually, this platform turned into not only a place for them to chronicle their projects but also other experiences, thoughts, and encounters with other creative individuals they meet along the way.  Carolina & Alex currently features art, music, culture and more from local and international artists, writers and creatives.  

Cool Aesthetics is their creative agency where they provide design and photography work. 





Stephanie Alex Mejia

creative director

Instagram: @alex_carolinandalex

twitter: @stephanieamejia

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Diana Carolina Martinez 

Editor in chief

Instagram: @Dimar

twitter: @sgtdiana