This playlist consists of local –and not so local– bands that we like. The majority of them are making waves in the L.A backyard show scene. We're not music critics nor are we exclusively picking out a collection of songs, but instead have curated this playlist honestly from our #1 faves from each band's discography. Each song does not necessarily flow together, every band has a distinct sound from 90's pop-punk like the Turnaways to Two Headed Cat's heavily influenced bluesy sound and even Vulcan Death Grip's new wave aesthetic. Give them a listen. Links below. 

Pity Party - Caroline
The Red Pears -  Hello Sin-Nation
Two Headed Cat - Black Lions
Phovea - New Mexico
The Pedestrians - Gloom
Vulcan Death Grip - 128
Turnaways- I Wanna Be an Outsider
Beach Bums - Where the Moonlight Bled
Bleach- Pinches Lagrimas
Vajj- Eat the World