We can easily say that this summer was filled with a lot of cool music. We went to a lot of backyard shows , did some sweet interviews and overall really appreciated the local scene.

     We like ending our summers with a bang so this year we went to FYF where Kendrick Lamar + Tame Impala + LCD Soundsystem + Grace Jones were headlining. It was epic.

      A couple day's before FYF, Robyn from Mother Mareand I realized we were both going to be there and saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally meet. 

     Stephanie warned me that at FYF you can't just meet up with people, it doesn't happen. What does happen is you casually, unexpectedly bump into them. I didn't believe her because the concept of meeting up at a music festival doesn't seem that complex but she was right. It was Stephanie that casually bumped into them when she lost me in the crowd while watching LCD Soundsystem. The point is that I didn't get to meet up with the duo despite my rigorous (excessively rigorous) efforts to do so. It just wasn't meant to be that weekend.

Mother Mare has since released their debut single "UNWORTHY" on Soundcloud and honestly, we are obsessed. 

We were in my car when we heard it for the first time. The moment it ended we both agreed to play it again. And again. And again (And again. And again. And again.).  They are a terrific duo and we are excited to hear more music from them in the near future.


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