The original design by Joshua Fanning

The original design by Joshua Fanning

Back in November we turned 2 years old and celebrated by revealing a new logo. This logo was designed byJoshua Fanning .

A couple of months ago 1 was casually browsingTumblr  when 1 stumbled upon Josh's work. His blog consists entirely of his original graphic design work 1 which became a little obsessed with. His eccentric, minimalist- Instagram friendly- style really appealed to me.

Throughout, our corresponding 1 Josh learned about little details such as the fact that he's based in Ireland. In other words, he's not even on the same continent as us. Honestly, that in itself made working with him so much more exciting because well, we've never even spoken to someone from Ireland let alone worked with someone.

Josh is a talented designer with a variety of notable works that range from album covers to creating tangible identities. So we thought it'd be fun to get to know a little more about him and his work so 1 present to you an exclusive interview with Josh!

Since we could not meet up in person to conduct this interview 1 though having him write out his answers would make this a little more personal. 1 could not interview an artist andnot have him draw something, amiright?

1'd like to note that when first examined his work 1 1 failed to notice that all of his work had a positive disposition. The simplicity of his work is charismatic. He seems to radiate good vibe in both his work and person. As the interview continues we get to know more about the discipline as a graphic designer. 

One last thing, can we please take a moment to admire this dude 'penmanship !? 1 definitely was not expecting to receive that lovely handwriting or his charming self-portrait. 
(No offense intended Josh, you're just a lot cooler than 1 thought you'd be). 

1. Did you have a creative upbringing? 

I was a lego kid, which I would consider my start in making things, but I didn't have a particularly creative upbringing beyond the things I sought out myself.

2.  If you didn't, what influenced you towards expressing yourself creatively?

I used to draw constantly as a kid, and it kind of became what I was known for, so I embraced it pretty quickly.

3. What's the art scene like in Ireland?

Ireland has a really great creative community, primarily in Dublin. Its not really an important part of the culture in rural parts of the country like where I grew up.

4. Do you have an other artistic outlet other than graphic design?

I love loads of different design disciplines, from architecture to industrial design, and I'm starting to get into ceramics now too.

5. I saw on your Tumblr that someone had one of your original designs tattooed! How do you feel about that?

Its the best compliment, sometimes I get the chance to design tattoos for people too which is always a super nice job to get.

6. Your work is very minimalist, has it always been that way?

For as long as I can remember I've been doing pretty minimal work, I really like the idea of reducing things down to the simplest form at which they can work. 

7. Was it difficult for you to develop your style?

I think my style grew pretty naturally with time, it was kind of an instinctive development. Right now I'm trying to get away from the style I've developed. A style is a great thing for an illustrator who's trying to sell their abilities based on their personal style, but for a graphic designer it can be kind of limiting to making good work. 

8. Tell us about your favorite (graphic design) project you've worked on so far.

My favourite project so far was a small book that I produced as part of my graduate work called The Art of Sun Worship, which is a collection of different short works of literature about the pursuit of a good life in nature. (check that out here)




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