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My illustrations show the rare transformation from the childish innocence into the almost beastly brute. The combination of figurative and physical aspects is vital in my work. The way I see it life is never stable. People change and develop through situations and moments and that is the best way to truly get to know yourself.

My illustrations are a collection of tiny details. I always search for beauty instead of perfection, as to me perfection does not exist.


I do not really know exactly why my work is that dark and scary. I just spontaneously start to draw and before I know it the images all contain a baleful aspect. The environment of plants, trees and mountains makes me think of my home environment. When I start a drawing everything almost organically enumerates. I am aware of the fact that my drawings do carry an uncanny turn, but that is actually what I think make it enjoyable.


My illustrations and rag dolls have a scaring appearance and because of that it strangely gives me a positive feeling. By using textile in my work I create new meanings. I am personally interested in the process of textile. Color and atmosphere are highly vital. I love to work with diverse materials and media, such as paintings, drawings and textile. I feel that the diversity of media makes you a better artist. I think many of my decisions in the process of creation happen intuitively. My illustrations are a collection of tiny details. I always search for beauty instead of perfection, as to me perfection does not exist.


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As an illustrator I do not consider myself just a draftsman, but an artist because I create things that tell a story. My story should make the viewer think. My drawings may be personal works of art that reflect my inner imagination. Although my works are fairly illustrative, they leave room for interpretation, through their specific uses of colorization, lines and figuration based on existing images. The entire work is conceived somewhat as a patchwork inspired by everyday life. The combination of autonomously developed elements of color, lines and shapes evokes an emotionally charged atmosphere. As such, the image can only be completed by the viewer, by attaching personal associations to it

I was raised at Zillebeke,  Belgium, by my lovely mother and father. Most of the time I was with my mother. Maybe that’s why I have such a good feeling for natural colors. I love to see the opposites in life and it’s funny because it is really difficult for me to make a decision. I try to go with the flow. But there are so many things that have gotten me to the point how I am painting. In many of my illustrations you will spot pre-puberal characters which perfectly capture my feelings. In my creations you will see a mix of my personal world and well-known myths and stories.



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