Two months ago we took a trip to Coachella Valley to catch the last weekend of Desert X.  We love the desert. The scorching sun in the middle of nowhere is, for some reason, really appealing to us and getting to see some cool art installations was the cherry on top for us. Desert X is a curated exhibition of site-specific work that according to the Desert X  website "amplify and articulate global and local issues that may range from climate change to starry skies, from tribal culture and immigration to tourism, gaming and golf. "  Desert X is currently over (sorry, guys) but there are a couple of installations that remain on view.  

The first installation we viewed was Doug Aitken's "Mirage". You've probably seen it all over social media since it's a popular blogger/instagramer spot but it's rightfully so. "Mirage" was a trip. From a distance it's almost impossible to spot unless you're aware it's there. The house is completely covered in mirrors, inside and out. It's a perfect place for a narcissist to visit. 

Before heading home we viewed "The Circle of Land and Sky" by Phillip K Smith III. They're 300 geometric reflectors that are angled at 10 degrees. It's in the middle of no where with only the land and the sky in sight. The sun was setting so the light reflecting off of it changed as we were there giving us different views. 

The desert is our favorite destination but unfortunately not a place we visit often. During this trip we also visited Pioneertown, an old west motion-picture set. It's a cool place to visit because it's usually lonely and full of great photo-ops. 

This was a trip we took before the storm began, figuratively not literally,  the following week finals started and we drowned in work and tears for two weeks. That's when we stopped posting for a bit. It happens ever year in May no matter how much we try to prepare in advance. 

Fast forward to now, we finished our third year of college and to be honest, it kicked our ass. We were so tired that we took a short, unplanned hiatus from all things Carolina & Alex. Now we have all summer to produce quality content (or at least hope to). 

I think we'll be going to the desert again later this summer. Maybe we'll do another road trip or maybe a staycation.  Who knows? 

Also, I'm trying to get the hang of making good playlists this summer. I'm not great but I want to be so here are some songs that put me into a chill summer mood.

Maybe you should listen to it on shuffle until I get the hang of it.