This Sunday (7/23) there will be a film photography group exhibit at Basic Flowers for one night only. In the wake of the digital  age where iPhones and DSLR's make it easy to shoot there are a select number of photographers choosing otherwise. Shooting film isn't popular for many reasons but for many more it's here to stay. We sat down with Paul Luna and Morgan Anderson, two out of the three masterminds, to learn more about the art show and their interest in shooting film. 



What is the title of the show?

PAUL: No title. It's just an art show. We didn't want it to distract–

STEPH: I feel like the photography [on the flyers] is the focus because you change the picture...

P: Yeah! And we're still releasing individual flyers for each of the artists. 

How many photographers are being featured? 

P: As of right now, 15, including ourselves. 

Who is behind this?

P: Morgan, Zack 'Rake' and I. 


P: The place started out as a theater and they used it to open a play. Now it's a venue. 

MORGAN: This spot is going to be tight with all the photography. 

Why film? What's so great about it? 

P: Film is already dying as it is but there's still culture for it so we're just making sure that the culture for it continues and also to make people aware that there are artists that are shooting in film. 

M: This is cool because [this exhibit] includes a lot of locals.

what got you into photography? What about film? 

P: When I took my first film class Sophomore year of high school. 

DIANA: What about you, Morgan? 

M: This past Christmas I traded a skateboard with this guy (Paul) for a point and shoot. That's the first film camera I ever had. I found a bunch of film around my house and just started shooting. 

D: You just found, casually, film around your house? 

M: Yeah.

D: Casually?

M: Well [laughs], no, a couple friends at first gave me my first couple rolls but I did just randomly find like a 4 pack of Kodak Colored 200 in one of the cabinets in my house. I was super stoked. I was like jumping for joy. I had just finished my last roll. 

P: Didn't you call me?

M: I did! [laughs] I was like do you think these would work?

So you weren't into photography before then? 

M: Well, I liked it but I didn't have any real exposure to it. These guys, (Paul and Zack) since I met them, almost three years ago, jesus....ever since I met them they've always been the guys on it. The ones at shows, hangouts and random adventures. That's what I like about their film, man, it's real. It's very candid. Very Kodak moment. 


P: No, it's not natural to me. 

M: The people in the picture aren't present anymore.

P: Yeah, that moment is gone once I say something [about taking a photo]. 


P: Cost.

M: That's only because so many people have moved on from it. 

P: It is honestly more tedious than digital, in a physical aspect. 

S: But could that also be a positive thing? 

P: Yeah, I personally, develop my own photos and they feel more yours. 

M: I like that with a digital camera I can rack off like 20 shots of the same thing and just pick the one that I like the most out of the 20. There's 24 shots on a roll and you don't want 24 shots of the same thing so when you get it, it's a lot more rewarding especially because a lot of the time I don't get it. 

P: Sometimes I'll sit there for a good 5 minutes and just decide "nah, I don't want to do this" and I don't take the shot. 

M: He'll just stand there! 

P: When you're focused on getting the photo you can start to remove yourself from the moment and then the pictures that you're taking are completely different. 


Paul,We have described your photography as having a soft almost dreamy effect, do you see it? 

P: I do and I don't. I don't know. I don't know what exactly "soft" entails. 

M: Easy on the eyes....

D & S: No.....

M: but not always....

S: It's just not super sharp but it's not out of focus either!

M: I don't know, when I think of Paul's style I always remember the photo of George in a sleeveless striped shirt that has the ceiling right behind him and his face is all illuminated and he's all serious. You know the one? 

P: Oh, dude, he looks wacky.

M: But I mean, I guess what I mean is he captures moments that are only there for that moment. Like he snaps the picture and then everyone is back to regular.

P: Maybe it's comfortable? Is that what you mean? 

D: No. Unfortunately, I can't put it into words but I will! The day I do I will let you know. 
P: Maybe that's a good thing because maybe it's just how that makes you feel. You know? 


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