Written by Erik Ramirez

Last week, we (VDG) threw our first show of the year in our hometown of El Monte. Actually, scratch that. We didn’t call it a show. We figured with Valentine’s Day right around the corner that we would have some fun with it. So we took that, and coupled with our love of cheesy 80s teen movies (think every John Hughes movie ever), we decided to call it a Makeout Party. Although we don’t know the extent to how much making out actually took place that night, we like to think everyone there had a good time anyway.

To put it lightly, the Makeout Party got off to a rocky start. The first band of the night, L.A. based Shit Giver, had to deal with a shoddy P.A. and a crappy power source, causing the band to put up with barely audible vocals and the bassist to deal with the occasional electrical shock. Even with all that going on they still managed to sound amazing. Their sound, a mix of 80s Post Punk, punk, and shoegaze helped to set off the tone of the night and what was to come. The next band up, East L.A.’s Twin Seas, brought some New Wave and Dream Pop to the party and they totally killed it. Garage rockers The Rosewaters came and got everyone moving before the night came to an end with our set.
We would just like to say that none of it could’ve been possible without all the help we got from our friends. From letting us use their house, helping us setup lights and decorations, lending us equipment, selling beer and food, and taking photos of the night, our friends are the best and we just want to let them know how much you mean to us.