In honor of Friday the 13th I've made a list of our favorite, random spooky stories. The stories range from cults to strange, unsolved disappearances.

What are your favorite spooky stories?

 via NY Daily News

via NY Daily News


My all time favorite cult story takes place in a gated community in San Diego in 1997 where 39 bodies were found inside. Every person found was wearing matching black tracksuits, black tunic and nikes. They also all had $5.75 in their pocket and an arm patch that read "Heaven's Gate Away Team". At the time, the Hale-Bopp comet was going to pass by Earth and this cult believed there was alien space craft tailing behind it to beam them up and the only way to board was mass suicide. 

It's weird, it's kind of crazy but it happened. 

2. Disappearance of Tara Calico

Tara Calico was a 19-year-old woman living in New Mexico. She went on her daily bike ride along her normal bike route and disappeared without a trace. She had a good life and didn't have any obvious reason to disappear voluntarily. In Florida, 9 months later, a woman found a polaroid in a parking lot of a convenience store. The photo features a woman and a young boy laying in the back of truck on top of blankets, with their hands tied and duct tape over their mouth. The polaroid is so scary, I can't even post it on here (click the link if you want to see it), it gives me the creeps. The woman is thought to resemble Tara and the woman also happens to have Tara's favorite book next to her in the photo. They weren't able to confirm if the girl in the photo was Tara or not so to this day her disappearance remains unsolved. What makes this story so much scarier is if that girl isn't Tara then who is she? 

3. Turnbull Canyon

Turnbull Canyon is a hiking route close to home. The canyon apparently has a dark history that starts off when the Spanish came and claimed everything as their own. The native tribes thought Turnbull was forbidden land and would rather die than step foot in it, so, many did die because the Spanish would force them in. 

During the Great Depression there was rumors of a cult meeting in the canyon and conducting their creepy rituals. It's said that they are responsible for the disappearance of many children which they used to sacrifice. 

To make this place even more creepy, there used to be an asylum in the 1930's that mysteriously burned down after being there for less than 10 years. No one is sure what went down in there but more recently a boy died there after finding the abandonedasylum and messing around with old equipment. He was electrocuted to death. 

There are a couple Reddit threads that talk about ghost encounters in Turnbull Canyon, I think it makes sense considering the history. 

 via placesthatwere.com

via placesthatwere.com

4. Amboy Ghost Town

This ghost town once thrived with Route 66 travelers making a stop for food, gas and sleep. Now the town population is 4. Nothing paranormal or weird happened here, not that I know of anyway. I included this in the list because I imagine it'll feel really eerie to walk around an empty town. There are still buildings, cars and other signs that people lived there. The nearest big city is 80 miles away. 


 via Los Angeles Public Library photo collection 

via Los Angeles Public Library photo collection 

5. Hotel Cecil

Hotel Cecil has a rough, spooky history. So spooky it inspired American Horror Story: Hotel. That should tell you something something. 

The hotel attracted a lot of transient clientele. The Nightstalker, a serial killer who's real name was Richard Ramirez, killed 13 people during the two years he lived in Hotel Cecil. Jack Unterweger murdered 3 prostitutes during his stay there. During the 50's and 60's the hotel was known as a suicide spot. 

More recently, the hotel staff found the body of Elisa Lam in their water tank after her being in there for 20 days. Security footage of Lam shows she was acting bizarrely in hall ways and the elevator. 

Watch the video here.   

Hotel Cecil has been renamed "Stay on Main" and rebranded in efforts to clean up its bad reputation. It is currently closed for renovation.