Mondays are definitely Mondays for us, we have 12 hour school days and this Monday wasn't any different. Oh, except for the fact that we cut our school day short to eat tater tots and watch our friends open at the Echoplex.

No biggie.

We were tired and hungry so going to our 7 p.m class didn't seem appealing at all. We planned on eating dinner together and then having a quiet end to our Monday night but in between caramel lattes and tater tots we decided that going to a concert was a better ending. Hey, we deserved this. When you pass your economics quiz and pretty much nail your design presentation you gotta treat your self because logically, when you're doing well in the beginning of the semester it's a good idea to stop showing up to class. Duh, anyway, with our phones at 12% we drove to the Echoplex and watched The Red Pears open the Noche de Corazones.

With both phones practically dead and a camera in the trunk we decided why not try to sneak in our dslr. So, we casually walked into the venue bought our tickets and discreetly walked passed the ticket counter with our camera in hand.

Best spur of the moment decision ever