We watched Thee Commons live for the 3rd time last weekend and like the 2 previous times it was a night to remember. We saw them a year ago when they played in the Ace Hotel during Night on Broadway, this time they headlined Viva!'s outdoor stage at Night on Broadway which brought in over 75,000 people. This is a big deal for a local band from East LA and we honestly could not be more excited.  So, this time around we were surrounded by people who had never even heard of cumbia so you could tell they weren't ready for what was about to happen. There was a mix of people who thought they'd get a dance party and those who knew exactly what was about to go down when Thee Commons played their own material. To clarify, Thee Commons play psychedelic-cumbia-punk which means there is a lot of dancing, jumping and moshing. The performance Thee Commons give is never a dull one and neither is being part of the audience for that matter, to the left of us we had a group of friends prepared with a beautifully embellished charro hat and a bottle of tequila, yep, couldn't get any better than that.

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