On Sunday Diana and I were out of the house before noon! (trust me thats a big deal!) We have been tirelessly working day and nights doing homework and keeping up with the hysteria that is the Local Music scene, that leaving our beds in the AM is something we seriously contemplate ... "Do we really have to?" is constantly on our minds. "Yes" is always the answer, why the heck wait? Why not enjoy a nice day at an art museum in WEHO and support your friends on their endeavors? 

It's about fucking time we found individuals who aspire to be more than themselves. 

We have found ourselves befriending wonderful people who have decided they have a purpose in life and that's to do what ever the fuck they want. 

To pursue music, art, journalism, design, photography or, what ever it may be is terrifying but, when you are doing it along with others it's so powerful. All these creative paths fit together so well and having each other only encourages our decision.  

Honesty, I don't think we have expressed how thankful we are for the people we have come across in this beautiful community. We are so motivated and inspired by the passion they pour into their craft, that it only makes us want to work harder. Meeting these people is no coincidence; I deeply believe there is a reason we crossed paths at this point in time. We are all still figuring it out and doing so together is only going to benefit us. Surrounding yourself with people who share the same mentality and work ethic as you is incredibly rewarding. 

When was the last time you did something for yourself? 

Honestly, ask yourself that question... why are you going after that degree? Is it for yourself or because someone told you you should? Why are you awake at 3 am finishing homework? Is it for you? Whatever it is that you are doing it's ok to do it for yourself. Actually, its probably best. I am still in awe that I have met people who willingly sacrifice their Friday night to practice. Or the people who will sacrifice their check to buy a new piece of equipment to improve their sound. It's fucking beautiful to know people who understand that its not necessarily a sacrifice but an investment. An investment on our future. 

I will never forget when my cousin walked into my room saw that I was typing up a post looked back at me and asked me why I was doing it and to answer back at him "because I want to" was so damn satisfying.

This year we have made huge strides towards our BLOG GOAL. We have found those creative individuals we longed for. We have become so dedicated to see this platform become a success because we owe it to them and ourselves. We want to share the amazing people we encounter and express the immense influence they have on us. 

Things to look forward to in 2017:

Expect a makeover for this blog (more details soon)

MORE interviews with rad people

Perhaps a physical version of this? ;)

C&A merch?