Bad Habits EP is a great first impression of Shallow Halls

Shallow Halls, a Garage rock band from Santa Fe Springs, debuted their first EP titled ‘Bad Habits’ earlier this week by releasing two singles: It’s Over and Mirrors. We got an early release and I have to admit I had the biggest smile on my face. I was so excited to hear their music after listening to what they already had on bandcamp. George linked me a shared file on dropbox early Thursday morning and without hesitation I opened it despite being in the middle of class. It was fantastic, the EP is full of high energy, memorable lyrics and to top it all off George's vocals echo that of early punk signers. I was genuinely satisfied by the content in their EP, it was exactly what I expected and more. I immediately got my phone and messaged the band to tell them that I was so overly thrilled by it. The overall feel of the EP is very well produced and the songs fit well with each other. It's not just a collection of good songs, they are carefully crafted in this EP and you can hear it. It seems like these boys have found their sound and I am excited for future albums.


Catch them tonight at the Hi- Hat, alongside Meatbodies, Feels, Melted, and Ivy Leaguers.  


They will have physical copies of Bad Habits, T-shirts and More.