One usually expects to end up at an art gallery when attending a photography exhibition, however for Cameron Pagett that was not the case. We arrived half an hour early, we were a bit skeptical about having received the correct information as to where this event was taking place, there were warehouses leading up to the space and we were thrown off at first. If I'm being honest, I started to feel disappointed. I thought I would be attending a nice opening reception not another warehouse-turned -gallery- for-the-night type of event.  However, we remained hopeful as we pulled up to the location. We noticed a group of young gallery attendees outside The Aerial House where I could spot Cameron wearing his custom made denim jacket with the words "THE WORST" on the back. 

It was now 6:30 and we proceeded to make our way into the space. I was not sure what to expect but I definitely was not expecting an aerial studio. I was very confused. I imagined Cameron's photographs would be lining the walls. I approached Cameron and congratulated him on his first solo exhibit. Still very confused as to when I'd get to see his photographs, I asked him how he was going to showcase them and he told me it was top secret and to stick around till 9 p.m. Looking around I was trying to figure out how in the world were we going to see his photos!? There were only exposed brink walls and those weren't walls to place art on.

Curiosity took over so we stayed throughout the event. SK collaborated with Minty Boi on this event which promised exciting musical appearances. Bands such as Fringe and Model/Actriz, who's based in the east coast, gained new fans in the west coast. After, some exciting and interactive performances it was time for SK to present Girls and Summer. We were asked to sit down. Yes, sit down. A crowd of strangers attending an art show were asked to huddle around a screen and sit on the floor together. With beautifully curated music SK presented his photographs through a video. This was a really different and personal experience. Usually, art shows can feel a little weird and pretentious but this show was the complete opposite. SK captures really raw, intimate and genuine moments with his camera so this type of show seemed fit.

If you would like to experience Girls and Summer by Cameron Pagett this Friday don't forget to RSVP to