Artist: earlgrey

Song: unrequited love

Album: demo 2017

Hometown: lennox, los angeles, california

Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter: @earlgrey.ca 




girl, you're the only one in my dreams 

we were meant to be

you should know by now

i see you holding your hand with that other unknown hand

don't you understand

girl, you're bringing me down

girl, i know you're heart is not with mine , but that should be alright 

we'll never know how much i would do for you

and how much he doesn't know what I already know

girl, you're bringing me down



Recording by Cuco

Twitter: @icryduringsex

Instagram: @cucopuffs

Video: Lunasol

Instagram : @lunasol.la 

Email : lunasol.la96@gmail.com

Currently looking to record our EP.