Saturday night was full of pure local talent. Heartcore Productions put on their first(?) festival featuring 20 local bands in Whittier, CA. We watched Gold Vine for the first time ever and they didn’t disappoint! We also saw The Biscuits for the first time, they did a solid cover of The Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away”. The singer for Devas Mantra gave an energetic, and might we say very rock'n'roll, performance that we’ll never forget with their guitarist dressed in a very nice dress. They definitely stole the show for us. All in all it was a memorable night. This D.I.Y festival was so good it even included a taco man and an ice cream truck. We love the whole D.I.Y scene and this is the perfect example as to why. The fact that this relatively small production company was able to throw together such an event with detailed things, like having 2 stages for bands to perform, is amazing. We don’t know the people behind Heartcore Productions but we gotta hand it to them, they threw a pretty impressive fest.