At 19, Mac Stewart was the youngest artist ever invited to participate in the Living Walls Project, an Atlanta-based art venture that promotes, educates, and changes perspectives about public spaces via street art. At 21,  Stewart became the youngest artist featured in Atlanta's High Museum of Art where his art was purchased and added to their permanent collection.

These are just to name a few accomplishments of the self-trained painter from Atlanta, Georgia.

When you look at Mac's paintings you can't help but be completely mesmerized by the incredible craftsmanship. His method, which includes practicing and drafting out the pieces before he starts, is a very tedious process. It's hard to believe he does it all by hand. Most of his current work uses black and white with the occasional introduction of a single flat color. Basics he’s also used with success for his enormous outdoor art pieces and large-scale interior canvases. His painting process includes certain qualities we often lose as an artist. It takes tremendous dedication to your craft and Stewart has shown he is more than willing to do what it takes. 

He made the decision not to attend college in order to pursue his career as an artist. Raised in an artistic household, Mac's interest in art was completely supported by his family.

Stewart is originally based in Atlanta, however, born in Tennessee and partly raised in San Diego, Calif. He is no stranger to moving around. As of last June, he is based in Los Angeles. A decision made to place himself right in the middle of the art world.  

 At just 21-years-old Stewart has been able to accomplish what many established artists have yet to do. He has rightfully earned the attention of (critically acclaimed) artists such as Kaws, Cleon Peterson and Shepard Fairey. As well as quickly earned the respect of critics and collectors. His paintings are part of private collections in the United States and Europe. 

Working under Cleon Peterson he has been able to gain an immense amount of knowledge that people wait a lifetime for. He has also assisted on the projects of contemporary notables Cleon Peterson, Shepherd Fairey and Michael Lin. 

Mac Stewart is just getting started with his career so we're honored and very excited to have him as one of our featured artists of LOITERING ENCOURAGED , an art show taking place August 4th. 

More details coming soon. 



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