by diana martinez

Summer is over and we're back experiencing our version of hell on Earth: college.


As we begin our fourth year at Long Beach State we're preparing for a very difficult Fall semester. In efforts to keep our mental and physical health in good shape we decided to do something we'd thought about for awhile: accepting submissions. We were sort of hesitant to start accepting them because we felt like we wouldn't be doing enough. Also, so much could go wrong but we've already gotten some really great submissions so some cool content is on it's way!

And, in all honesty, we don't have the time to create frequent quality content but we refuse to post anything that isn't up to our standards. So, we were kind of stuck on what we wanted to do with C&A. It's hard to balance school, life and other responsibilities along with this website. We just need to take this Fall semester easy. We're trying to get that degree. I realize now that submissions are a great way to see fresh ideas and content. People are so f*cking talented. It's amazing. And if we get to give them a platform for their content, even better. 

So, submit your pitch! We want to see your photo diaries, we want to hear your opinion on politics, or learn all about your clothing brand. Visit our contact page to see our guidelines. 

We'll still be posting our own blog posts every now and then. We'll definitely still be active on Instagram #FollowUs.  

I also just want to mention how very proud I am of us. We decided to make 2017 a productive year and we really have. We have so many ideas for the future. I'm excited and you should be too. 

Being surrounded by such a creative individuals online and in person is inspiring as f*ck. I admire and respect the hustle.  Last weekend we got to meet the #girlboss behind the Viva La Bonita brand. Her designs are cool and the quality of the clothes is top notch. Seriously, these shirts are like the softest, most comfortable shirts we own. 

Check out the photos we took in our new Viva La Bonita shirts below. I think they really help us express ourselves. 

Anyway, hope you guys are doing great. May your Fall semester be kind and not too stressful.